Myriam Dodge Young (1921-1996)

Myriam Young, a graduate of Vassar College and Columbia University, studied photography with Ansel Adams. In the 1950's and 60's her photographs appeared in such magazines as LIFE, Harper's Bazaar, Le Figaro, and Photography Annual. In 1996, three months before her death, her book, "Memories of Daughters, Photographs of Myriam Young", was published by Park Lane Press, a division of Random House.

Myriam stopped taking pictures in 1966. She devoted the next thirty years of her life to collecting biographical and critical information about artists working in every age and in every medium. She responded to this material with insights of her own, and in the process created a body of work that filled the walls of her small apartment with hundreds of handbound scrapbooks and journals. This site aims to preserve a remnant of these unique graphical dialogues.

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