The way I speak

The way I speak, you get used to it after a while. After you talk to me for a while you don't even notice it.

It used to bug my father. When he called me into his office and told me the news that day, at the end he said, and by the way, she has that funny little accent, just like yours.

He told me she lived in Montana. I could go to Montana to see her right away if I liked. He had no idea, no idea at all, that that's exactly where I'd planned to go. I'd taken a two-week leave of absense, without pay, from my job at the radio station. For no reason at all I'd just got the idea to go to Montana and was getting ready to go when I got the phone call. Come home, he said, I've got important news.

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                    Mrs. Whitaker

Constant LoveConstant Love: The Complete Collection

Mrs. Whitaker walks around her block several times each day at noon.

  Sometimes, when she's feeling well enough, she walks around both her block and the one adjacent to it, directly to the south.  Sometimes, when she's feeling especially well, as she was that spring, she'll head west toward Alta Plaza Park.  On all her walks she's always careful to keep to the paths.  This is especially important in the park, in order not get her feet wet.  She's always careful there to keep to the outer edges, the peripheral paths that afford her the most spectacular views.  For the park occupies the heights of her neighborhood and from it one can see in every direction a view that encompasses at least a third of the very lovely city in which she lives.   

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